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Why every nonprofit should have a media team

Digital Marketing
Skyler Womack
May 6, 2022
(4 min.)
Why every nonprofit should have a media team

The pandemic era has shown us that virtual engagement is essential for thriving businesses. Organizations that fight the winds of change instead of learning to fly remain grounded. Meanwhile, media used to communicate and connect via the web, apps, and other channels have empowered many organizations to take wing and soar in ways that they had not before. “The value of a media team creating digital content transcends the need for a business to stay open– virtual engagement is here to stay and is an indispensable part of our cultural climate.”


  1. Millennials. The age group born between 1981-1996 is quickly becoming the cornerstone of your donor base. As millennials undergo the largest transfer of wealth in modern history, we have to understand how and why millennials are using their money. 

We’ll let you in on some valuable insight: millennials pay for experience over things and donate to brands that are transparent and socially responsible. Additionally, millennials were the first generation to grow up with digital learning and to enter the workforce in the digital age. Millennials hunt for homes onlineonline,, plan vacations based on blogs and instagram, and gain knowledge on business, parenting, health…. and endless other topics through podcasts. 

If you are creating experiences through media content… If you are working to establish a consistent, trustworthy online presence…If you are educating your donors in a way that benefits them first…. you will reach millenials! 

Let us help you maximize your fundraising potential by fleshing out your media offerings. You can trust us to help you develop a flight plan for the new era of digital media marketing! 

  1. Brand recognition & SEO. The more channels that people have to engage with your brand through the web, the more your brand will be recognized, shared, referred, and trusted! All blog posts, social media content, videos, and infographics that you create should be informative and relevant to your base as well as trends in culture. Following this rule of thumb will not only establish rapport with your base but will also improve your SEO (or search engine optimization). Your organization’s appearance at the top of google searches is driven by analytics. Is your website and content using key word? Is it back-linked to reputable external sites? Is it engaging enough to keep users focused instead of clicking away? Are frequently updating content (blog articles, new home pages, social media, videos, podcasts)  linked to your website? These things all improve your SEO. And more visibility means better brand recognition and traction with your donor base– an effective takeoff and lots of wind speed! 
  1. A shift from event-based fundraising. The pandemic has not only shown the need for flexibility of staffing but also for creating experiences aside from in-person events. As we have shifted away from large events in ballrooms and convention centers, we have opted for a new means of fundraising. Virtual events. In order to replicate the sense of community and grandeur of an in-person event, your organization needs engaging video content. This includes not only videographers but script-writers, run-off show coordinators, technological specialists, the use of integrated platforms, and communication teams who help donors navigate the experience seamlessly. 

We’ll be your co-pilot as you take rise to meet the challenge of virtual events. Trust ConfidantCo. to empower you with tools and plans for the best virtual engagement! 

Virtual engagement is here to stay and opens up a runway into new potential for your organization. The right “equipment”--a strong media team and diverse offering of digital content–  will help you harness the power of these winds of change so that you can take flight and soar! You're permission to get creative - Instagram lives, Podcast, virtual coffee (doordash gift).


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