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Our Unique
Service Model.

Why just settle with a part-time employee when you can have a whole team as your trusted confidant?

The way we do things is unique, simple, & effective:

Hire a whole team
For around the same price

Instead of hiring one part-time employee, Confidant Co. gives you access to an entire creative team for tasks that require specialist services like website design, photography, videography, graphic design, and more.

 Bianka Curvey
Aimee Gomez
Andrew Belcher
Andrew Packard
Ashley Darnall
Auly Kemp
Beka Hardy
Brandon Diaz
Bryan Dillard
Clay Huston
Comfort Katchy
Crystal Dunlap
Daniel Cheung
Darian Esser
Darren Harroff
Hope Cross
Jacob Jones
Jennifer Lockemeyer
John Carothers
Jolie Garcia


Confidant Co. strategically finds like-minded creatives and freelancers so you do not have to. Each member of our team is fueled by a desire for ethical work in their career. They share your vision and want to use their skillsets for impactful projects.

Each one of our Confidant Co. creatives comes from a faith-based context, which means there is a like-minded approach to your projects and a deeper connection brought to each client relationship.

Our creative network includes web designers, photographers, videographers, copywriters, consultants, and more. This diversity in creative skill sets and personnel allows Confidant Co. to provide a range of services to our clients.



Executing donor development strategies right along side you in the annual fundraising grind.


Free yourself from the stress of managing your own social media, marketing, & website content.


Affordable Services. Ethical Storytelling. Inclusive Community.

Rebecca Strayer
Sarah Johannesen
Auly Kemp
Beka Hardy
Taylor Dekker
Kadri Walker


Our collective of creatives offers specialist services like website design, photography, videography, graphic design, and more. Each creative is dependable, trustworthy, talented and super eager to empower and magnify your organization's missions.

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Ashley Darnall
Sarah Johannesen
Mallory Walker
Kyle Buthod
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