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Executing donor development strategies right along side you in the annual fundraising grind.

We execute mid-level fundraising.

Asking for money can be challenging and managing donor fatigue is a real thing. However we believe that your work is so important that there is a donor base out there waiting to learn more about you.

Confidant Co. is dedicated to do more than consulting - we are executing donor development strategies right along side you in the annual fundraising grind.


Confidant Co. thinks the small things matter when aiming for customers to deeply engage with your organizational impact. Having a strong digital strategy allows your mission and cause to capture an online audience to become a active champion for your organization.

Confidant Co.'s passion is to develop custom designs and messaging for your mission, in order for your organizational impact and engagement to grow .

Level 1 - Basic

This level of service level is aimed to help bring support to primary roles on staff for a cohesive communication and donor development approach. Fundraising execution and implementation would need to be taken into consideration by other roles on staff.

Level 2 - Intermediate

Helping lead general donor efforts, making phone calls, building out the recurring donor base, and leading email communication. Setting up infrastructure and strategy-making services. One more step past designing and consulting. Helping implement and working along-side staff to get the maximum impact from the community. Leaving major donors and event coordination roles left up the ED and staff to fulfill. This would require a significant amount of time (5-20) hours per week from the executive director or other staff to fill in these gaps.

Level 3 - Advanced

A full-time, “in-house” director of development and marketing coordinator provided by the Confidant Co team. It would be treated similar to a personal full-time job for us to ensure fundraising as a priority, while allowing other design, copy, and marketing to be outsourced to our creatives all under the same cost. This would require a separate budget with for meals with major donors, printed pieces, and other fundraising related events costs. Working with a local and existing community and donor base, helps a goal of building towards a global and sustainable one.


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