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We Value.

Confidant Co. creatives comes from a faith-based context, which means there is a like-minded approach & a deeper connection brought to each client relationship.

Affordable Services.

Everyone should have access to digital marketing and fundraising.
Ethical Storytelling.

Everyone should have access to digital marketing and fundraising.
Inclusive Community.

We collaborate with everyone, because everyone needs a “confidant” they can trust as they seek to grow their endeavor.

Our goal is to

Pursuing your trust
To Tell Your Story

We do this through giving alternative solutions to non-profits by providing affordable fundraising + digital marketing services.

Why just settle with a part-time employee when you can have a w hole team as your trusted confidant? Trust us! You can rely on our team effective and personal storytelling for your nonprofit!


Confidant Co. offers a rare opportunity: a chance to hire an entire team ready to join forces to strengthen your digital communication and brand! This saves organizations the time, energy, and resources it takes to hire and onboard a part-time employee.

Bryan Dillard
Jennifer Lockemeyer
Andrew Belcher
Kyle Buthod
Daniel Cheung
Hope Cross


Our collective of creatives offers specialist services like website design, photography, videography, graphic design, and more. Each creative is dependable, trustworthy, talented and super eager to empower and magnify your organization's missions.

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Daniel Cheung
Andrew Belcher
Micah DeKorne
Skyler Womack
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