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AI and the Future of Social Impact Marketing

Digital Marketing
John Carothers
July 2, 2023
(3 min.)
AI and the Future of Social Impact Marketing

If you’ve been keeping up with the news lately, you’re sure to have seen a segment on artificial intelligence. Apps like ChatGPT, as well as AI updates for search engines like Google, have been creating a lot of buzz. AI technology has been significantly growing in both the domestic and industrial worlds, and it’s becoming apparent that this technology is going to have a profound impact on our world.

While some are hailing this technology as the next step in human evolution, others are warning that it could actually be the opposite–our demise. With a plethora of science fiction work on runaway, sinister AIs, there’s certainly a lot of dramatic doomsday talk flying around. Real concern is warranted though as experts in the field, including the CEO of ChatGPT, are urging lawmakers and society at large, to proceed with caution.

What is AI

AI, simply put, is a computer program that’s written to “think” like a human does, and consequently “learn” over time. Many AIs, like ChatGPT, are what’s known as a chatbot. You can ask it a question, and it will crawl millions of webpage results instantaneously, pulling information relevant to your question from each result, and compiling them all to create the most human-like response possible. Over time, it’s supposed to “learn” based on user inquiries in the hopes that it can improve performance and become more lifelike. However, AI is far from perfect and opens up a new world of risks.

While the technology has reached an unprecedented state, it can still act in nonsensical ways, or it can learn and repeat inappropriate behavior. Along with the potential some AI tech has to write college papers, music and song lyrics, or impersonate voices, people are wondering how we should regulate its use. Many experts are currently testifying to lawmakers about the possible risks this technology imposes, and how we can better equip ourselves to deal with them.

Communicating Social Impact and AI

Obviously, the effect AI will have on the job field is another concern. With the rise of intelligent software that can learn from millions of pages of online advertising, and write content based on what it learns, some are wondering whether AI will replace career marketing altogether.

While it is a powerful tool, it looks like traditional marketing isn’t going anywhere just yet. Rather, many marketers are now incorporating AI into their duties. Hubspot reports that 80% of marketing experts have adopted the help of AI, while Influencer Marketing Hub reports that over half of those working in the field of marketing have done the same. They also report that about half of marketers say AI has the potential to greatly improve their work. Specifically, many have reported that AI can assist with ad targeting – a sometimes difficult task when using traditional means.

However, brands still need a trained, experienced human to brainstorm campaigns, craft branded content, and give marketing the organic touch it needs to connect with others. Until the day that we’re all robots, we still need people to create content from a place of sincerity.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by marketing, or if your AI marketing feels a touch too mechanical, let Confidant Co. lend a hand. Our creative experts know just how to give your projects the shine they need to stand out and succeed. Our holistic approach to caring for nonprofits and small businesses is sure to help you feel more productive and stay on top of your game.

Storytelling is here to stay. AI can be a helpful tool, but nothing will replace a confidant that listens and carries your story forward with sensitivity and nuance.

Confidant Co. can help you do just that, sign up for a discovery call today.


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