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Managing Organizational Change and Turnover

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August 14, 2022
(3 min.)
Managing Organizational Change and Turnover

Employees are humans first and foremost. During the past few years of high tension and cultural shifts caused by the pandemic, it’s important to remember that employees work where they feel protected and understood.

Here are some ideas on how businesses manage change and receive input for more employee buy-in:

  • Hire a business consultant to perform an analysis of company culture, identifying strengths, weaknesses, and some plans for improvement.
  • Hold workshops and trainings where there is no ask and no duties assigned as a result. These spaces are designed to benefit and serve employees.
  • Form organization-wide culture committees. Include representation from staff, leadership, and board members. Plan events and perks and create metrics to gauge feedback on company culture.
  • Offer confidential, in-office sessions with counselors through your company’s benefits program. These sessions are particularly relevant in the wake of disasters and current events since employees are often processing their emotional responses while at work. We are humans first! Care for your employee means to care for the whole self!
  • Create a dashboard with job descriptions/titles, org charts, and indicators of project-point people indicators. This will eliminate sticking points that cause frustration.

Understanding Turnover:

Two of the leading factors that lead to turnover are (1) insufficient professional development and (2) a poor connection to the mission and leadership.  Are employees in your company able to foresee their career path growing and benefiting them? Is there transparency and communication between executives, managers, and other staff?

Be sure to prepare for longevity with your employees by providing opportunities for them to chart out development plans with their managers and provide options for their growth in the form of webinars, trainings, and courses, and resources that will benefit them not only professionally but also personally (ie a portal through benefits program that provides lifestyle guidance and discounts). Also, be sure there are channels of communication and meetings that promote transparency and accountability across levels in your org chart. All staff members should feel like their voice is important and their ideas have potential to make a difference in the mission!

Be proactive about protecting the longevity of your team! You can create a culture of loyalty and commitment by setting up patterns now. This practice will help your company work through transitions and challenges with grace.

Experiencing turn-over? A lot of us have been during the pandemic. According to The Motley Fool, “4.3 million Americans quit their jobs in August 2021 alone, equivalent to about 3% of the workforce and more than the population of Los Angeles.” Furthermore, “Since the start of the pandemic, 20% of workers have changed careers.” This is a significant cultural shift!

There are a lot of reasons employees may leave, and not all of them are within your control as an employer. We get it. The whole world is experiencing a shift regarding the why and how of work. We can help! Contracted work can help stand in the gap! Working with ConfidantCo. gives you a whole team for the same cost as one employee to keep your brand consistent and outreach effective.

Times are changing, and work might look a little different for you right now.

You can count on us as trusted confidants to win your trust to tell your story!


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