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Five things all Church Websites should have

Skyler Womack
July 10, 2022
(5 min.)
Five things all Church Websites should have

1.      Streaming capacity or links to live stream services.

The COVID-19 pandemic era has taught us that the ability to remain connected virtually is essential to thriving relationships. Across the globe, churches have sought solutions to remain unified as a Body while being physically distant. Even as the world is healing and many churches are reopening the doors to their physical spaces, streaming online services remain the key form of engagement and local and global community.

“The  need to have a current and strong digital presence for church communities is not  going anywhere  in fact it is here to stay – even post pandemic.” - Skyler Womack

Creating an online streaming option removes barriers that may inhibit people from entering into worship and study of the word. Build out your church’s streaming capabilities to make your church more accessible, inviting, and relevant to today’s culture and need.

2.     Online Giving

There are three main reasons you should have an online giving tool:  

  • Confidentiality: Many people feel unsafe placing physical cash or checks into the offering tray. Furthermore, many people may withhold from giving in person since they are uncomfortable with others seeing their gift. Establishing online giving helps your church body give securely and privately.
  • Convenience: Having an option to give online will allow for church members to give at a time that aligns with their budgeting plan. Furthermore, as we live in a virtual age, it may not be convenient for many churchgoers to carry cash or checks with them to church.
  • Consistency: With an online giving tool, the giver can easily modify the settings to give ongoing gifts. Having an online giving platform with “monthly giving” as the default level  is the “easiest” way to integrate recurring giving, which can be the easiest change you can make to have the biggest sustain outcome for your  church budget. .They can align their gifts so that they tithe with every paycheck or based on other personal preferences.

3.     Digital calendar to share upcoming events

Fellowship means living lives in unity and growing in fellowship with one another. By sharing your church’s current events on social media, impact videos, newsletters, or other channels, you are telling the story of your family’s life together. Sharing upcoming events also helps people find ways to connect with one another outside of the context of the church service. People see opportunities to bond over shared interests and stages of life.

4.     A simple URL

You don’t want churchgoers to have to share lines of code in their online conversations. Nor do you want a confusing link that may redirect someone to a site with a similar name. Create a unique and easily send-able URL to be the home for your church’s web domain!

5.     Clear call to action on the home page

When people search for your church’s website, they are seeking connection. They may be looking for indicators that your church is a welcoming and accepting space. They also may be looking for clear direction on the first steps to get involved. Your home page is your church’s welcome mat—it’s your way of saying “We were hoping you’d come—welcome in!”

Create a clear call to action—whether it’s a button that redirects to specific information, survey fields to capture newcomers’ contact information, or a simple graphic explaining when, where, and how to join the community.


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