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When do Retainer Agreements make sense?

Digital Marketing
Skyler Womack
January 28, 2023
(4 min.)
When do Retainer Agreements make sense?

Being a social impact creative agency, we have been privileged to do a lot of amazing work for incredible organizations on a one-off basis. Whether it be a fundraising campaign, a gala design, or doing a business launch package. After the project is completed, most of our clients discover the effectiveness and nature of our work, and they come back asking for more.

We love that.

If you’ve ever worked with contractors, freelancers, or a media agency before they often mention their retainer prices and that’s for a good reason.

Our team typically presents retainer model pricing upfront when we think there is a need for ongoing work for a client. We have found the majority of organizational leaders still have a lot of questions before making a decision on retainer agreements. Here at Confidant Co. we totally get that! These are a couple of questions that typically come up when clients are considering retainer agreements with us: What are retainer agreements? When do they make sense? Do they cost more? Are they a scam? What does it include? Where can I sign up?

In this blog, we’ll try to answer these FAQs to help you next time you’re in a position to consider a retainer agreement with us or another contractor. Below is all the information needed to make the right decision. Let’s jump right in.

What are retainer agreements? A retainer agreement is a contract between a contractor (business or individual) and a client to provide a specific service or set of services on an ongoing basis.

When do they make sense? To be very clear off the bat: retainers make sense and benefit everyone when there is ongoing work involved. Yes, that means both the client and the contractor. They make sense when the services of an individual or company are on a regular basis and want to establish a long-term business relationship.

Do they cost more? Retainer model pricing actually saves you money!! A couple of reasons being is that preparation and lead time are a lot lower, when the time, strategy, and design are already decided. Agreeing to a monthly or annual service allows creatives to have a workflow that is rhythmic instead of a random timeline. Retainers allow there to be a stress-free structure of planning, coordinating, and strategy to be executed based on a mutual expectation of what is agreed upon.

Are they a scam? Retainer agreements are not necessarily a scam, but it is important for both parties to carefully review the terms of the agreement and ensure that they fully understand the services being provided and the terms of payment. If quality work is NOT being provided, there should be a reimbursement or reasonable restitution for the work assigned.

What does the retainer include? A retainer agreement typically includes a description of the specific services that the individual or company being retained will provide. This includes the scope of the work (for example, weekly emails, multiple designs, etc), the frequency with which the services will be provided, and any specific deliverables that are expected. These agreements also include the monthly fee amount, any additional fees for specific services, and the payment schedule. Payments for Confidant agreements typically happen at the beginning of the month, along with the length of time that the retainer agreement will be in effect. Confidant Co. agreements duration are typically set between 6-12 months, with month-to-month payments. Retainer agreements also include provisions for the termination of the agreement under certain circumstances, such as if either party breaches the terms of the agreement or if the business's needs change. Confidentiality provisions in a retainer agreement may specify that the individual or company being retained must keep certain information confidential and not disclose it to third parties. Intellectual property rights provisions may outline who owns any intellectual property that is created as a result of the services being provided under the retainer agreement.

About our monthly media retainer packages. Our monthly media retainers provide an affordable year-round media solution for your non-profit organization or small business. Starting at $1,000 monthly our monthly media retainers include Website (Maintenance, Development, Design & Continual SEO ), Daily Published Content, Weekly/Monthly Newsletters, and Quarterly Photoshoots. You will receive a number of virtual, specialized creatives to work on your marketing, fundraising, and communication needs year around. Payments are month to month and you receive a monthly report at the end of each month, showing metrics, wins, and scope of work.

To learn more about our monthly media retainers hop on a free discovery call today.


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