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Pro’s and Con’s of Contracted Work

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August 26, 2022
(2 min.)
Pro’s and Con’s of Contracted Work

Does your company hire a full time staff of employees? Or do you contract work externally? There are opportunities and obstacles present in both models. We want to inspire you to consider both to expand your perspective on hiring.

Company culture feels more self-contained and stable with full-time staff. With this model, employers have more say in employees' work model and the use of their time. Hiring internally allows the managers to create policies and terms for their workers to sign on to as a condition for employment. This means that there are general expectations and norms as a part of company culture that employees subscribe to. Furthermore, hiring internally means that employees are generally more accessible during set hours. They have agreed to be available during office hours, and this model can lend itself to efficiency and streamlines project timelines.

The problem that arises here is that employees can feel that work being delegated to them and the company culture they are required to subscribe to causes them to suppress their own pacing and preferences. This can lead to a slow burn resentment or burn-out. Too much oversight on the part of the employer means that employees can suppress their ideas to maintain the status quo, and this staunches the flow of innovation. If employees feel like they are coasting, perhaps the cost of paying for full-time, internal employment (benefits, high salaries, and trainings) do not seem worth it.

A contracted workforce model can solve many of these problems for employers. Employees hired for a contracted period of time will manage their workflow within a condensed timeline. This means they will have short-term goals to reach and can manage their own pacing. These contracted workers have also done the work to find jobs specific to the areas of work they excel in. They will typically agree to work for you because they are confident that their skillset fits within the niche role you are looking to fill. Removing the “other duties as needed” part of an employees job description gives them the creative freedom within their expertise that they desire.

Hiring contracted workers may feel risky to you as an employer. If may feel unpredictable when your staff is choosing their own hours, making it hard to foresee project timelines. Furthermore, your staff may be passionate about the work they are doing for you, but may not feel buy-in with your company's goals or mission. It is harder to create company culture with a contracted and freelance staff. Some ways that you can remedy this are implementing clear communication media and project management platforms. Visibility is key– it’s essential for each member of your staff to see what they are expected to work on and how it buys into the bigger picture of your company’s work.

By working with ConfidantCo., you can benefit from the best parts of having a full staff while using contracted work, since we are a hybrid model. ConfidantCo. exists to provide an option for you to contract an entire team of creatives for around the price of one full-time employee! We are a diverse and professional team of workers passionate about ethical work and developing our personal creative abilities. We strive to pursue your trust to tell your company’s story. If you’re experiencing change within your workforce and need some new creative energy, you can trust us to pursue the best for your company.


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